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Five Pawns began its journey in 2012 when founder Rodney Jerabek was struck by inspiration - from of all places - the game of chess. Since that seminal moment seven years ago, the company has evolved into the premium e-liquid company in the industry.

Upon inhale, the Five Pawns experience is fully unleashed. Using up to 11 different ingredients and a proprietary blending and aging process to create complex, multi-layered flavors, Five Pawns has elevated vapor liquid enjoyment to a connoisseur's art. Five Pawns Signature Vapor Liquid is crafted for a long, smooth indulgence giving you time to explore the alternating hits of intense and subtle flavors. As the vapor is drawn in, savored and exhaled, continuous hints of exotic fruits, nuts, herbs roots, grains, and spices - blended with elements of classic liqueurs and vintage extracts - arouse the palate and offer an emotional response on par with that of a favorite cuisine, wine or cocktail.

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