Vaping mistakes and how to avoid them

Vaping mistakes and how to avoid them

If you’re new to vaping, or are thinking about switching from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes, there are a few things you should know first. We take a look at some of the common mistakes you can make as a rookie vaper, so you can make the most of your journey into e-cigarettes.

1. Getting the wrong kit

You might be dazzled by the array of vaping kits open to you. Where once you had a brand and strength of cigarette that you liked, now you’re faced with new terminology and a multitude of kits to choose from.

Don’t be put off by terminology – half an hour with a few YouTube videos and a couple of vaping guides will teach you what you need to know about vaping kit components.

The most important thing is to get the right kit for a beginner vaper. You should resist the temptation to go for something cheap, as it may give you such a bad vape that you’ll be put off e-cigarettes forever. Equally, you shouldn’t worry about going for something at the upper end of the scale, as you may not need or want all the functions yet and they’re not recommended for vaping for beginners.

Instead, look for mid-range vaping kits, particularly those that say they are beginner friendly. You’ll often find this information on vaping shops online, and will also get suggestions in person.

Whatever you do, avoid mech mods and sub-ohm kits when starting out, as they are for more advanced vapers and not for vaping for beginners.

2. No spare batteries

Batteries are widely regarded as the lighters of the vaping world! Just as your lighter might run low, so will your battery. With e-cigarette batteries, however, there’s no way to ask someone else for another.

Check what batteries your e-cigarette of choice takes, and stock up on a couple of spares.

3. Using the wrong nicotine level

Just like with vaping kits, you’ll find there are lots of e-liquids to choose from, and knowing what nicotine level to choose in your e-liquid is really important in vaping for beginners.

When you’re switching from tobacco cigarettes, you’ll need to make sure you start with an equivalent nicotine level for vaping, to stop any craving. Don’t start with a low-level nicotine e-liquid and assume that you’ll be able to immediately wean yourself off – you need to work down gradually to a 0% level if you’re coming from smoking.

As a rule, remember:

  • 1.8%/18mg nicotine level for people on a packet of cigarettes a day
  • 1.2%/12mg nicotine if you were smoking a pack of light cigarettes a day, or ten normal cigarettes
  • 0.6%/6mg nicotine if you were a very light smoker, up to ten light cigarettes a day

4. Only using one e-liquid

When you start vaping, you’re entering a beautiful world of flavour! There are hundreds of high-quality e-liquids out there to try, and there’s no reason to settle for one.

A lot of new vapers will go straight to a tobacco or menthol flavoured e-liquid, and stay with it. Problem is, you might get quickly used to the flavour, and start to find it unsatisfying – leading you to ditch vaping and go back to tobacco cigarettes.

Instead, mix things up. Why not try cookies and cream, chocolate milkshake, watermelon or apple flavour? Read guides on the hottest flavours of the season, and experiment!

5. Not taking care of their kit

An e-cigarette kit is an investment, and it needs to be looked after. Dust and e-liquids can build up in e-cigarette tanks, drip tips, and around the battery, so the kit will need regular cleaning. Coils need to be changed every couple of weeks, too, to prevent your vape tasting bad or burning.

Thankfully it’s really easy to clean a kit and change a coil, and there are lots of vaping for beginners guides out there to specifically take you through these simple tasks.

6. Not vaping the right way

One of the biggest differences you’ll notice when you come from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes is that you need to inhale differently. Instead of inhaling in hard, quick puffs, vape by drawing long, soft breaths.

You should also make a habit of drinking plenty of water, to ward off so-called ‘vapers tongue’.

7. Ignoring vaping etiquette

Last but definitely not least, you should make a point to learn where you can and can’t vape. You’re fine to vape in most public places outside, but lots of bars and restaurants will ask vapers to stand in the smoking section outside when they vape, and you should respect it. Never vape on a plane or on public transport, it is banned and you could face the same fine as if you smoked.

Just like smoking, it’s good practice to ask people if you can vape in their house, and you should never blow vapour in someone’s face!