Travelling on holiday with your short fill e-liquids

Travelling on holiday with your short fill e-liquids

If you’re lucky enough to be jetting off somewhere exotic this summer, you’ll want to pack all the vaping essentials to enjoy once you get there. But travelling with your vape gear can be a daunting prospect due to the rules, regulations and practicalities of taking your e-liquids with you on holiday.

Luckily, if you familiarise yourself with the rules about travelling with your short fill e-liquids, you shouldn’t run into too much trouble.

No vaping at the airport

First up, definitely do not be tempted to vape once you arrive at the airport. Most airports around the globe treat vaping exactly the same as smoking. If you really need a hit, then seek out the smokers’ lounge.

Pack e-liquids in hold luggage

Although short fills generally have less actual liquid than standard e-liquids, the easiest option to transport them is to put them in your hold luggage a.k.a. your suitcase. This will avoid the inevitable security checks and should in theory make the start of your holiday a smooth one.

When packing the short fills into your suitcase, try to avoid glass bottles as these can smash and result in a massive clean up operation on the other end of your trip. It’s also a good idea to wrap your short fill e-liquids in a plastic bag, just in case any spillage should occur.

Carry on rules

In some situations, you may only be taking carry on luggage. In this scenario, remember to stick to the liquid carry on rules:

  • - Liquid in bottles should not exceed 100ml
  • - All bottles must fit in the small plastic bag

Most short fills are around the 50ml mark, so you’re unlikely to exceed the 100ml per bottle limit. However don’t go overboard with how many bottles you take, as an excess number could be confiscated at security.

Definitely no vaping on the flight

You’ve probably already heard the horror stories about flights being diverted and massive fines being doled out. Just don’t even go there. You might think you’re a stealthy vaper, but plane smoke detectors are incredibly sensitive, for obvious reasons.

Research your destination

Another important point to be aware of, is that in some countries vaping is consider strange, unusual or even completely banned. To stay on the right side of the law - make sure you check well in advance what the rules are in the country you’re travelling to.

For vapers heading abroad this summer, planning ahead is the key to smooth, stress-free travels with your vape gear and short fills.